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Fred Peterson, Ph.D., Physiology chair, KCOM

“A dozen years ago, I began doing research on wellness of medical students. That, coupled with my lifelong heart research, has led me to follow and be


Stories on the journey to discovery

The stories presented here – Dr. Still’s discoveries – are key to OMM. A patient’s body structure problems often have the exact same symptoms – fever,


In orbit or on the ground, our astronauts are in good hands with three ATSU-KCOM alumni caring for their health. Drs. J.D. Polk, Tarah Castleberry, and Scott Savage talk about their journey to NASA and what it means to them – and us.


This announcement by ATSU Board of Trustees Chair Carl Bynum, D.O., M.P.H., caused the standing-room-only crowd on ATSU’s Missouri campus, in attendance for a Feb. 17 news conference by President Jack Magruder, to erupt in spontaneous applause.