by Lee Cashatt

Sound bytes from Deana Berrey

Deana Berrey, OMS IV, is one of five 2009 Preferred Merchants Scholarship winners. The scholarship fund, created in 1989, involves local merchants and professionals in an advertising/scholarship program to benefit area KCOM students. Berrey was selected based on her academic and leadership qualities. Currently on a four-week rotation at Northeast Regional Medical Center in Kirksville in the pain clinic/anesthesiology, Berrey deftly juggles family and medical school. She shares how it’s done – with seriousness and silliness.

Family matters

“I am married and have three daughters, ages 11, 10, and 7. People wonder how I do med school with them, and I wonder how I could ever do it without them. They have loved me and ceaselessly supported me through all of my tests, and nerves, and new adventures. I can see it in my daughters’ eyes how proud they are of me.”

Local support

“My family and I always try to shop local, so it was nice to receive a scholarship from businesses that we have supported over the years.”

Please sit down, class

“I taught high-school Biology, Chemistry, and A.P. Chemistry for 11 years; 10 in Kirksville. It helped me learn how to study because you have to know the subject really well to be able to teach it.”

‘Round the clock

“It was fun to be in the classroom after being on the other side of the desk for so long. People always ask how I did it. I stayed up later and got up earlier.”

Teed off

“All five of us go golfing a few times a week, weather permitting. We are hoping one (or all) of the girls will be on the LPGA.”

Comfort in Kirksville

“I love comforting someone who is nervous before surgery or someone who has a family member in the hospital. I hope to be able to stay in Kirksville to practice medicine.”

Big wheels

“I drive a big four-door truck, and I curb-check every corner. My girls always yell, ‘Curb-check!’”